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Welcome to the conversation page where, using the form below, you are able to contact the authors and editors of the WholeThinking essay portal. As the founder, editor and primary author I look forward to hearing from you. Forward your comments, ideas, additions or corrections. If you link to or write something related to an essay located at WholeThinking, please let me know. I promise to do my best to read everything that comes my way.

A note on functional decorum - I highly encourage debate and discussion. I am interested in what my readers have to say, but if you find it necessary to be abusive, intolerant or disrespectful and there appears to be little value to your discourse, then I will simply block your future submissions. A basic rule - if you do not like to be talked to or treated in a certain manner, then it is likely that no one else will like it either.

Here comes the privacy promise. I will never reveal any details of any individual's information: name, email or any other specifics without their written permission. I have executed every reasonable precaution to secure this site from unwarranted and unlawful access. Since I write frequently about privacy and digital ethics then I should be expected to set an excellent example.


At some point, advertising will come to WholeThinking and it will be tasteful, discreet and in keeping with the design. Advertisers will want to be here for two reasons: the association with this readership and traffic numbers that will hopefully follow. If you are a potential sponsor and like what you see, then please use the contact form and indicate your interest. If you are not a sponsor, then please do not indicate that your are, you will be blocked from future submissions.

Reporting Site Problems

If you find any technical problems with the site, please use the contact form to report what you discovered to site administration. Explain in as much detail as needed, where, how and what happened. It is much appreciated.

So, happy WholeThinking and remember, nothing is black and white. –Garrett Cobarr

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